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knitted cape

Above is a knitted cape/shoulder warmer by Ros. Some said it could also be a childs skirt, but actually fits well over the shoulders, to give some warmth on those cool days.

felted scarf

Above is a wonder felted scarf by Mariyen. Wool and silk.

Champion Garment

Above is the Champion Garment from the Spinning & Weaving Section of the Toowoomba Royal Show. Pat hand wove this material and then made it into the vest, which was fully lined. Well done and congratulation Pat.

felt flower

Above is a felt flower made by Mariyen.

woven material

Above is a length of material woven by Pat, using wool, and white wool loom waste given to Marilyn by the head weaver at Avoca Weaving Mill in The Republic of Ireland,when she visited there in 2016. The women holding the material are some of the weavers, at our Weaver's Interest day.

woven bag

Above and below are photos of Pat's hand woven knitting bag. It was woven with bamboo and cotton in the warp and weft, and she used 22 strands of fine thread for the thicker, red, weft. It was woven then make into a bag and lined. The novel way she has attached the handles is brilliant.

woven bag

crochet rug

Above and below are two crochetrugs byJennifer. the one above is a knee rug, and will be a keepsake, and the one below is a queens size rug.

crochet rug


Helen life membership

Above our President, Marilyn, presents Helen with a Certificate of Life Membership to our Club. Helen has been with our club for many years.


Above is a shawl by Ros, who knitted it from wool, using 2 balls of 2 ply yarn, knitted together.


Above is an ice dyed linen dress by Lorraine and Joy, using procion dyes.

hand woven jacket

Above is a handwoven jacket by Pat, using different thicknesses and colours in cotton.


Above is a wonderful knitted silk scarf by Sue. Sue used a silk hankie, drawing the yarn out rather than spinning it first. Sue will teach this technique on Saturday 19th November 2016.

woven jacket

Above is a wonderful woven jacket by Tricia. It was woven using wool and mohair, some of which had been hand spun by Adrian.

dyed skein

Above is a hand dyed, hand spun skein of wool, bamboo and silk by Janine, using lichen.




felted tabard



at left is felted material that was then made into a tabard. This garment was felted and sewn by Betty.








Woven towels

Above is three hand woven towels, woven by Diane. Diane used cotton from Bendigo Woollen Mill, which gave them a wonderful feel.


ice dyeing

at left is a vest made by Tricia. The woven material was made using rag weaving techniques, which was one of our workshops last year.

the material for the rag weaving was silk and polyester, and woven in tabby weave. The lining and back was 100% cotton.







This photo is a close up of the wonderful patterning that Sanneke got when she ice dyed her pedal pushers at one of the workshop at our Weekend Camp thisyear.





knitted vest




at left is a knitted vest by Ros, which was knitted in wool using a stitch called Russian Old Shale. The pattern is very effective.






knitted scarf

Above is a knitted scarf by Jan, using 100% alpaca, from her own flock. The pattern is wave stitch.

biggest morning tea

Above some of the members who participated in Robert Astill's felting workshop show off their wonderful hat creations. We participated in the Biggest Morning Tea, collecting money for the Cancer Council. Members also brought in their favourite cup and saucer for a display.


Above is a lovely knitted top by Sue. The pattern is called an L'envelope, and was knitted in 80% cotton & 20% wool yarn.


alpaca vest

Above is a lovely 100% alpaca vest by Jan. She knitted the vest, then solar dyed it.

felted scarf


At left, is a nuno felted scarf from Lorraine. These autumn colours were achieved using wool and silk.





knitted cowl

Above is a knitted moebius cowl by Sue. It was knitted in the round using merino & silk. The cast off row had 1600 stitches.


handwoven scarf


at left is a scarf, hand woven by Gretchen. She used hand spun wool which she had hand dyed.






ice dyeing

Above is a close up of Ingrid's ice dyeing. The effects this techniques give amazing, and so unpredictable.


Above is a skein of alpaca, spun by Leon. it was finely spun with minimal preparation before spinning.

felted bag

Above is a lovely unique felted bag by Noreen. Made with silk on wool.

felted vest

Above is a felted vest by Julie, completed after a workshop with Raewyn Penrose.


Honorary Legal Advisor

Above our President, Marilyn, is presenting a certificate to our new Honorary Legal Advisor, Kathryn. We welcome Kathryn to our Club.


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